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Charge-up Skills are attacks that add a "charge" for each successive hit within a short time frame. While each Charge-up attack deals normal damage, the charges continue to accumulate until triggered or until the time limit runs out.

Assassins and Druids have Charge-up Skills, but they are more important to the Assassin, as she also has Finishing Moves which can significantly enhance the effect.

To trigger the accumulated charges, strike a monster with either a normal attack or a Finishing Move. Different Charges can stack, meaning that one can maintain charges from multiple skills provided they refresh each stack of charges before they time out.

Charge-up SkillsEdit


The Assassin can mix and match charges, for example:

You attack a target twice with a level 13 Tiger Strike gaining two charges, using a Finishing Move now will give you +680% Damage. If you instead attack an enemy with a level 11 Cobra Strike gaining 1 more charge for the maximum of three, then attack with a Finishing Move you will now gain +680% damage and 90% life stealing.


Power-up skills of Druids work slightly differently: each charge empowers the skill it uses, making next cast stronger. There's no need to trigger it: the skill simply grows in power when continuously used, stacking up to 5 times, but charges still fade if the skill is not cast within reasonable time. Unlike Assassin's Finishing Moves, Power-Up casts do not consume charges when used.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • Charge-up mechanic for Assassin and some Druid skills was later used by Blizzard in World of Warcraft as a Combo point mechanic for Rogue class. It works exactly as in Diablo II: some skills accumulate charges, while others consume them for empowered effect.

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