Chilanik's Chain is a Legendary Mighty Belt for the Barbarian in Diablo III. It requires character level 31 to drop.

The special property is designed specifically for PvP in groups: in a usual game, it may be useful for retreating quickly for the entire party.

Stats (Level 31)Edit


Chilanik's Chain
Legendary Mighty Belt

  • 101-132 Armor


  • +85–108 Strength
  • Using War Cry increases the movement speed for you and all allies affected by 30–40% for 10 seconds
  • +4 Random Magic Properties

Chilanik forged this belt under specific instructions from Worusk himself. At the height of the Immortal King's powers, most foes fled rather than face him, and this fact vexed Worusk greatly. But Chilanik's Chain allowed Worusk to catch even the swiftest of enemies so he might show them the consequences of challenging the Immortal King or his realm.

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