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There are many different organizations in the Diablo Universe, ranging from the noble Knights of Westmarch to the mysterious and ancient Horadrim.

In-game communities are also called Clans. They are formed by players (much like guilds in MMORPGs) to make the communication process easier. There is no gameplay advantage or reward for joining a Clan, however, it can be tuned to notify all clan members of successes and failures, such as looting legendary items and set items, or a hardcore character meeting their end.

Clans and Orders
Ammuit ClanBear TribeBrotherhood of the BoughClan of the Seven StonesCovenCrane TribeCrusadersDemon HuntersEnnead ClanFirst OnesHand of the ProphetHand of ZakarumHenknoc TribeHigh Council of ZakarumHoradrimImperial GuardIron WolvesKnights of KhandurasKnights of WestmarchMonks of IvgorodOrder of PaladinsOrder of the GauntletPriests of RathmaProtectors of the WordShadow Wolf TribeSisterhood of the Sightless EyeSkatsimSkeld ClanSnake TribeTaan ClanTargos ClanTemplar OrderTemple of the TriuneThe NephalemTribe of the Clouded ValleyTribe of the Five HillsTribe of ThunderViz-Jaq'taarVizjerei ClanZakarumZann Esu Clan

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