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Cleglaw's Brace is a set in Diablo II. It is often overlooked due to the fact it is not comprised of exceptional or elite components and that its bonuses are not all on a single item. It has a few downsides. The shield does not offer much in the way of blocking bonuses and the sword, being a longsword has low potential for damage. On the other hand, it has plenty of helpful modifiers for any low level melee characters and an easy set to complete early in the game as the quality level is level six and consisting of three pieces.

The Crushing Blow modifier will come in very handy for boss fights up until Nightmare, as well as the mana leech, which will help fuel the skills that are painfully hard on the mana globe early in game. The other pieces also come with some good extras for low level characters. Keep in mind, however, that this set's use diminishes rapidly by Act 5 in Normal Difficulty with the possible exception of Baal and his minions, as Crushing Blow is still a good modifier against these opponents.

Set StatisticsEdit

Cleglaw's Brace
Partial Set BonusEdit
(2 Items)
Complete Set BonusEdit
+100 Defense

35% Chance of Crushing Blow
6% Mana Stolen Per Hit

20% Increased Attack Speed

Cleglaw's Brace
Cleglaw's Tooth (Long Sword) • Cleglaw's Claw (Small Shield) • Cleglaw's Pincers (Chain Gloves)
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