Coldcrow was one of the Rogues who were corrupted by Andariel. She stole an elegant dagger from the Sisterhood, and used the blade to finish off her foes. Visions gleaned from staring into the dagger's mirror finish would lead Coldcrow to her victims' most prized possessions, no matter how well hidden.[1]

Coldcrow came to reside in caves on the Cold Plains in Khanduras. She was slain by a group of heroes who were pursuing the Dark Wanderer.[2]


Diablo IIEdit

Coldcrow (Diablo II)
Property Normal Nightmare Hell
Type Demon Demon Demon
Act(s) found in 1 1 1
Monster Level 7 39 80
Experience 270 12,840 210,615
Health points 52-76 864-1,494 5,788-9,996
Damage 1 3-4 19-29 54-81
Attack Rating 1 143 1,188 4,827
Damage 2 3-5 21-33 60-91
Attack Rating 2 Cold Cold Cold
Defense 20 475 1,359
% to Block 0 0 0
Damage Resist 0 0 15
Magic Resist 0 0 0
Fire Resist 0 0 25
Cold Resist 75 75 100
Lightning Resist 0 0 100
Poison Resist 0 0 25
Drain Effectiveness 100 100 100
Immunities - - Cold, Lightning
Chill Effectiveness 50 40 33

Coldcrow and her sisters shooting at the player.

Coldcrow is a Super Unique Dark Ranger found in the Caves (an optional dungeon found within the Cold Plains) in Act I of Diablo II.

She will appear with four Minions in Normal, five Minions in Nightmare and seven Minions in Hell, all of whom are Cold Enchanted as she is. Her Cold attacks have a Chill time of .6 no matter what difficulty she is encountered in.

Diablo IIIEdit

Coldcrow was referenced in the original flavor text of Karlei's Point in Diablo III.


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