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Attack an enemy and raises concentration, temporarily increasing Defense.
Class Barbarian
Skill Tree Combat Skills
Level 18
Prerequisites Bash [1], Stun [12]
Damage Type Physical
Mana Cost 2
Other Stats
Synergies Bash, Battle Orders, Berserk
Concentrate is a Barbarian Skill in Diablo II.


Sometimes a series of blows is not nearly as effective as a single, concentrated strike. A Barbarian trained in this skill learns how to focus his strength into a single blow that cuts through the guard of an enemy and slices through their armor. This technique also puts the warrior in a superior defensive position.

General InformationEdit

  • Active Effect: An uninterruptible attack that also temporarily improves your defense.
  • Required Level: 18
  • Prerequisites: Bash [1], Stun [12]
  • Gives synergy to:
Bash: +5% Attack Rating per level
Stun: +5% Attack Rating per level
  • Receives synergy from:
Bash: +5% Damage per level
Battle Orders: +10% Damage per level
Berserk: +1% Magic damage per level

The main benefit of this attack is that you can swing uninterrupted, even in a crowd or against a faster foe. This is an efficient skill at a cost of 2 Mana, especially if you have a strong weapon with high damage, or one with at least a small bonus to Mana leech.

As Concentrate has Battle Orders as a synergy, it is an attractive skill because a player will not have to spend extra points for the sole benefit of increasing life/mana.  Berserk's additional magic damage is also helpful against physical immune monsters after about ten points due to the amount of magic damage done without having to switch to a skill that will reduce the character's defense to zero.  The defense bonus is also helpful because it will still provide a significant defense bonus even if a shield is not equipped.

Skill ProgressionEdit

Mana Cost: 2

Level 1234567891011
Damage Bonus 70% 75% 80% 85% 90% 95% 100% 105% 110% 115% 120%
Attack Bonus 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 110% 120% 130% 140% 150% 160%
Defense Bonus 100% 110% 120% 130% 140% 150% 160% 170% 180% 190% 200%

Level 12131415161718192025
Damage Bonus 125% 130% 135% 140% 145% 150% 155% 160% 165% 190%
Attack Bonus 170% 180% 190% 200% 210% 220% 230% 240% 250% 300%
Defense Bonus 210% 220% 230% 240% 250% 260% 270% 280% 290% 340%
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