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The Concentrator (also known simply as the conc barb) is the opposite of most other Barbarians. Instead of focusing on dealing massive damage, the Concentrator focuses majorly on his defense.

Stats Edit

Strength: Enough to wear equipment.

Dexterity: If choosing a shield for this build, add enough dexterity to bring block to 75%, otherwise, enough to equip desired gear.

Vitality: The Barbarian has the best Health gain per point in Vitality. Any extra points to spare should go here.

Energy: Any respectable Concentrator should ignore Energy completely, as Concentrate has a very small cost of Mana.

Skills Edit

Primary SkillsEdit

These skills should have a 20 point investment

  • Battle Orders: Synergy skill. Also convenient since this skill is popular for the life and mana boost.
  • Bash: Synergy skill.
  • Weapon Mastery: While defense is key with this build, the critical strike chance as well as the attack and damage bonus is also a great perk

Prerequisite and Secondary SkillsEdit

  • Berserk (1+): Synergy skill for Concentrate. On its own, it deals 100% magic damage, useful for physical immunes and being cursed with Iron Maiden (reduced to hostile Necromancers in PvP), its drawback being that the player's defense drops to zero for a short duration. Although 1% magic damage is considered quite small, fully investing in Berserk might add enough pure magic damage to avoid having to switch directly to this skill, but it would take up a lot of skill points a player might wish to invest elsewhere.
  • Howl (1): Prerequisite for Battle Orders. Has use in breaking up mobs of monsters in melee.
  • Shout (1+): Increases party's defense, quite useful and doesn't suffer the diminishing returns found on many other skills. Prerequisite for Battle Orders.
  • Stun (1) - Prerequisite for Concentrate

Optional SkillsEdit

  • Iron Skin (1+): Passively boosts defense. Also has linear progression.
  • Natural Resistance (1+): Passively boosts resistances. It is not recommended to invest more than two points due to the steep diminishing returns after level 2.
  • Battle Command (1): Boosts skill levels. Most only ever put one point due to the fact the skill bonus is only one point regardless of investment.
  • Increased Stamina (1): Entirely optional, but usually taken as a prerequisite for the Increased Speed skill.
  • Increased Speed (1): Entirely optional, but having a natural boost to the character's walk/run speed has its perks
  • Taunt (1): Prerequisite for Battle Cry and/or War Cry. Causes monsters to melee with the characters, meaning that non-unique ranged monsters will walk up and attack at melee range.
  • Battle Cry (1): This skill not only penalizes an opponent's attack power, but also their defense rating, and virtually nothing can be immune to its effect. It can be overridden with a curse, but if a player is running solo or without the aid of a Necromancer, this can help a player hit monsters.

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