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Confidence Confidence Ritual
The Witch Doctor deals 25% additional damage to enemies within 20 yards of themselves.

Take your enemies into your confidence. Bring them close, so that they may share the fruits of your efforts.

Confidence Ritual is a Witch Doctor passive skill, unlocked at level 60. It was added in patch 2.3.


This skill works similarly to Wizard passive skill Audacity: it multiplicatively boosts all damage taken by enemies as long as they are within certain distance of the Witch Doctor.

For pet attacks, the distance is calculated from the Witch Doctor, not from the attacking pet.

Unlike other distance-based Witch Doctor skills, this one does not benefit from increased gold / Health Globe pickup radius.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • Intentionally or not, the icon of this skill is identical to that of Audacity.

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