The following is a list of Cooperative Achievements in Diablo III.

Top LevelEdit

Act IEdit

Act IIEdit

Act IIIEdit

Act IVEdit

Act VEdit

Achievement Points Reward Description
SetFiretothePain Set Fire to the Pain 10 Banner Accent:
Kill Urzael in a cooperative game.
GroupTherapy Group Therapy 10 Banner Accent:
Kill Adria in a cooperative game.
SmallMomentsLikeThese Small Moments Like These 10 Banner Accent:
Kill Malthael in a cooperative game.
TheTourists The Tourists 40 Complete all of the following events in Westmarch in a cooperative game.
GraveCrashers Grave Crashers 40 Complete all of the following events in the Briarthorn Cemetery in a cooperative game.
SwampRats Swamp Rats 40 Complete all of the following events in the Blood Marsh in a cooperative game.
DisorderlyConduct Disorderly Conduct 40 Complete all of the follwoing events in Pandemonium in a cooperative game.

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