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For Diablo III gameplay mechanic, see Critical Hit.
Critical Strike
Critical Strike
Grants a chance to do double damage
Class Amazon
Skill Tree Passive and Magic Skills
Level 1
Prerequisites None
Damage Type None
Mana Cost None
Other Stats
  • Passive Skill (always active)
Synergies None

Critical Strike is an Amazon Skill in Diablo II. It is one of the first skills an Amazon can learn in the Passive and Magic Skills tab.


Among the arsenal of techniques employed by the Amazon warrior is her ability to study opponents carefully and detect any weaknesses. She can then use these deficiencies in her adversary to strike at precisely those areas that will cause the greatest injuries.

General InformationEdit

Critical Strike grants the Amazon a chance to deal double the damage her strike would normally have dealt. The chance of hitting twice the amount of damage is always a great bonus. However, investing heavily in this skill may not be a good idea as the points start to drop off quickly. There is only a 10% better chance to release critical strikes between levels 11 and 20, which averages to about less than 0.5% per point. As such rapidly diminishing returns are present with this skill, placing just one point into it is plenty, especially when paired with items that grant bonus skill levels.

Because Critical Strike works with any weapon, it is a very useful Amazon skill to obtain regardless of build. Critical Strike is potent because it is a Passive skill, so it is always "active" and combines with any additional skills such as Multiple Shot, Pierce and so on.

Any points invested into Critical Strike also grant Valkyrie summons exactly the same chance to deal twice the amount of damage.

Critical Strike does not affect any elemental damage dealt. Amazons who focus on skills that deal elemental damage (Lightning Fury, Freezing Arrow or such) only gain a doubling of the physical component of their damage.


  • Gives synergy to :
Valkyrie: 100% effect transferred to the Valkyrie summon
  • Receives synergy from : None

Skill ProgressionEdit

Level 1234567891011
Chance to Crit 16% 25% 32% 38% 42% 46% 49% 51% 54% 56% 58%

Level 12131415161718192025
Chance to Crit 59% 61% 62% 63% 65% 65% 66% 67% 68% ?%
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