"Vicious hounds roam the northern moors in Kehjistan, feeding on carrion and unwary travelers. They roam in packs, and will take on anything that crosses their path. It is said that their hunger is so great that they do not even leave the bones of their prey behind."

Archangel Tyrael(src)
Crow Hounds

Crowhounds are non-flying avian predators encountered in the Shrouded Moors of Act II in Diablo III.


Crowhounds often accompany Corvian Hunters, and are usually encountered in packs of three or more. They are quite quick, but will rarely approach for close combat, as their melee attack is relatively weak and slow.

Instead, they prefer to bombard the character from medium range with large blobs of acid, which deal high Poison damage in a small radius on impact. The blobs are not missiles, and can be hurled over walls, terrain and other obstacles.


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