The Crumbling Vault is a random spawning event in that can be found somewhere in the Stinging Winds in Act II of Diablo III.


Once every thousand years, when the stars allign, these ruins open, but only for a short while. There is treasure rumored to lie deep below. Find it fast, or die when the dungeon seals itself for another age. 


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Entrance to the Crumbling Vault

When found, you can tell that it's the Crumbling Vault and not The Ruins as there will be a Treasure Hunter standing out front. Talking to him will explain about the dungeon behind him. Before entry, the game will warn the player that the dungeon is timed. If they agree, they are then trasported into the area. Upon loading into the The Crumbling Vault, a countdown timer will begin. The player must find the Vault Treasure Room portal before the timer expires. If the timer expires, the player will fail the event, and gain no rewards. Reaching the vault in time will award several chests, a possible shrine, and at least one Resplendent Chest. Talking to the Treasure Hunter out front after the event will have different answers depending on the result. A failed event will have him sad that the treasure illuded us, while a successful run will have him remark about you finding the treasure vault.

Completing the event on time will also reward the "Crumbling Vault" and "Got Out" challenges, while completing it under 90 seconds scores you the "A Second to Spare" challenge.


  • Despite the Treasure Hunter implying that you would get trapped in the dungeon when it collapses, you're able to use Town Portal or the "End Dungeon" pylon to leave. He doesn't seem to be surprized that you were able to get out.