Crushing Blow is a special magic property added to certain Set, Crafted or Unique Items, but not to Magic or Rare Items. When striking, a crushing blow will reduce an enemy's life by a certain percentage as follows:

Type of Weapon Used vs. Normal Enemies vs. Players or Hirelings vs. Champions, Uniques, Bosses
Melee Weapons 25% 10% 12.5%
Missile Weapons 12.5% 5% 6.25%
  • Because Crushing Blow items can stack, it is possible to get up to 100% chance for Crushing Blow.
  • Physical resistance does apply to Crushing Blow damage, as long as the enemy has a positive physical resistance.
  • Crushing Blow removes a portion of the enemy's current life, not its maximum life; so, for example, hitting Hell Diablo when he has 40,000 hit points left will remove 5,000 hit points (12.5% x 40,000), not 12.5% of his original total.
    • That being said, because Crushing Blow removes a % of the monster's current Life, it is equally useful in large Multiplayer games or when the /players x command is in effect, allowing you to down enemies within an efficient timeframe.
  • Since 1.10, Crushing Blow is calculated before any other damage is applied.

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