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A Crystal Sword is a type of sword in Diablo II.

It is one of the first weapons available to the player that is capable of getting six sockets (although only swords dropped from Nightmare Outer Cloister and on can actually spawn with that many), and has the lowest requirements out of all weapons that do, making it a popular choice for runewords or other socketing strategies that doesn't involve physically attacking (Spirit Rune Word for casting, Call to Arms Rune Word for prebuffing, six Ist Runes for Magic Finding, et cetera). As far as hitting enemies is concerned, however, the low durability of this weapon can be quite troubling.


  • One-Hand Damage: 5 - 15
  • Level Requirement: 3
  • Strength Requirement: 43
  • Dexterity Requirement: None
  • Durability: 20
  • Fast Attack Speed
  • Up to 6 Sockets

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