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One of the Necromancer's three skill trees, Curses debilitate your enemies and makes it much easier for you and your summons to bring hell to your enemies. The Necromancer's curses can do everything from blinding your foes to having them attack each other and so much more, except actually doing direct damage. Please note that Curses do not receive synergies.


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Note Worthy CursesEdit

  1. All the curses have their time and place for use. Even so, some curses you can't go without, and some curses are not worth looking at. There is a consensus among many players that only 4-5 of the curses are actually worth using. The first useful curse is also the first one you can get, which is Amplify Damage. This skill basically reduces your enemy's physical resistance by 100% and makes it much easier for you and your friends to defeat your enemies. As an added bonus, if a monster has immunity to physical attacks, Amplify Damage will remove that immunity. Another useful curse is Decrepify. This curse is like an upgrade to Amplify Damage in that it lowers physical damage and physical resistance by 50%. In addition, this curse also slows down the movement speed and melee attack speed of those cursed. Another spell to take note of is Lower Resist. This curse lowers fire,cold,lightning and poison resistances and breaks any immunities. The only down side is that this curse affects everything but physical and magic resistances. This curse is highly useful for when you are using a lot of elemental attacks(fire,cold,lightning,poison) or when you're partying with a Sorceress. Also, if you specialize in Revive, Raise Skeleton, another physical summon, or like to party with the physical classes, Life Tap can be useful as well, since it can extend the life of your summons and party members.
  • Lower Resist now affects only fire, cold, lightning, and poison resistance; its ability to affect magic resistance was removed in an earlier patch.
  • Decrepify affects Physical damage resistance, melee attack speed, movement speed, and physical damage. All other resistances are not affected.


Be warned, all heroes. Necromancers are not the only ones who can incant Curses on other beings. The Oblivion Knights of the Harrowing also have access to some Curses. The following Curses will never be used against the hero:

  • Iron Maiden(although very late in the patching history)
  • Confuse
  • Attract
  • Dim Vision
  • Terror

As for tactics for when a Curse does land on you, there is only one Curse to really be looking out for. That Curse is Iron Maiden, if playing before patch 1.13, as a melee hero. If that curse hits, you are better off not attacking, unless you have a death wish to go around. The rest of the Curses more often than not are shrugged off, but when that doesn't seem to be the case:

  • Amplify Damage/Life Tap: Take out as many Physical damaging monsters as you can to minimize this curse's hindrance
  • Weaken: A useless curse for the Oblivion Knights, as the damage removed is too small. The only major threat this poses is the sudden loss of Life/Mana Steal effectiveness
  • Decrepify: Potentially the worst curse available after patch 1.13. Some 'hit and run' tactics may be your best bet, but even then, don't expect that to be easy, due to the signature unavoidable penalty to your hero's overall speed.
  • Lower Resist: Take out as many elemental damaging enemies as you can to minimize this curse's hindrance.

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