Damos was the leader of the band of Morlu in service of the Primus. He was dispatched to capture Uldyssian along with High Priest Malic and five of his best men.

Damos was described as being a particularly large and brutish Morlu warrior. In life, Damos had been a dark and unspeakably evil human. A veteran of countless battles, Damos was resurrected a great number of times by the dark power of the Kiss of Mephisto - in fact so many times that not even the power of the artifact could restore him completely. Of his nose not much was left save two holes. His lower jaw was so large it was speculated to have been of a different creature, possibly a bear. His eyes - nothing more but two dark pits - were misaligned. Still Damos skill and ruthlessness was unmatched and he served his master unquestioned.

During the raid on Ethon's estate, Damos disguised himself as the merchant's son, Cedric. Damos ultimately met his - permanent - demise at the hands of Mendeln, who put his undead form to rest by means of an ancient spell.

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