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Maghda, Leader of the Dark Coven's Forces

The Coven (also Dark Coven) is a group of dark mystics dedicated to Belial, the Lord of Lies. It is a remnant of the Triune.[1]


Early HistoryEdit

Little is known about the early history of the Coven under Belial's control, but it is known that Maghda and one other witch took command away from its prior leader. However, the unknown witch had left the Coven behind, while Maghda stayed true to her followers. The other witch responsible for taking command is unknown at this point, although there are suspicions from the Templar, Kormac, that Adria may have been that other witch.

It is also known that, while the cultists were serving Belial unquestioningly and zealously, every member of the Coven was to be sacrificed to their demonic master sooner or later (as soon as there is enough taint in their bodies).[2] In addition, Coven was paying generously for Behistun Magi artifacts, whose knowledge they were hoping to resurrect and use for their own purposes.[3]

The End of DaysEdit

Triune vessel runeGround

Ritual circle of the Coven

The descent of Tyrael, the Archangel of Justice, did not go unnoticed by the denizens of the Burning Hells. Belial was aware of the fallen star and sent Maghda and many members of the Coven to retrieve El'Druin, broken into 3 pieces. The Nephalem heroes themselves do not encounter the members of the Coven until shortly before destroying the Skeleton King, attempting to turn a templar to their side. They are encountered as the heroes neared the pieces of El'Druin as well, with an attempt to 'turn' the first piece for their own purposes having been thwarted.

After Deckard Cain's death and Tyrael's capture by Maghda, the heroes made it their next goal to return the now reconstructed El'Druin to its original owner, killing all that stood in their way, Coven members, or otherwise.

After having given Tyrael his sword, his mind is restored and he remembers the warning he came to deliver; that the forces of the last two Lords of Hell were planning to invade and take control of Sanctuary for themselves. Already, the shadow of Belial has fallen upon Caldeum. With this in mind, after a proper burial rite for Deckard Cain, the Nephalem, Leah, and Tyrael set out for Caldeum, to put an end to Belial's reign over the city.

Shortly after the Nephalem's arrival, the members of the Coven once again make their appearances, intent on stopping the heroes from reaching Maghda. Despite the efforts made by the members, the Nephalem reached Maghda regardless and exacted vengeance for Deckard Cain. And for the rest of the game, the Coven members themselves are absent.

The Reaper of SoulsEdit

"They say Belial is dead, but I know he cannot be. He is the Lord of Lies! We will build our army and defeat the Angel of Death to prepare for Belial's return. Malthael...hah! Even a rogue archangel is nothing compared to our master."
—A cultist's log[4]

The Coven endured the loss of their master. They had a presence in Westmarch when Malthael led his Reapers against the realm. The Coven intended to oppose him.[4] During this time period, a reformed Coven member informed the Nephalem that there was a stash nearby, that it would have been better served in their hands, rather than his own.[5]


Human RanksEdit

Summoned DemonsEdit

Known MembersEdit


Dark CultistsEdit

Dark SummonersEdit

Dark Vessels/ThrallsEdit


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