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"A dark coven has formed in Tristram and I fear that their superstitious violence may damn the whole region. I discovered very little during my eavesdropping--except that the word "Maghda" was repeated several times in their chants. Oh well, now I journey to the safety of my home, where I may put these worries behind me."

Abd al-Hazir(src)

A cultist

Dark Cultists are members of the Dark Coven. They are encountered throughout Acts I and II, but in Campaign, they no longer appear after the heroes defeat Maghda.


Dark CultistEdit

Dark Cultists are humans attacking with sacrificial daggers. They are very weak, but usually attack in large numbers, and often are supported by demons.

Dark VesselEdit

See the respective article: Cultists can be recognized from Dark Vessels by their lack of a staff. Vessels have a long staff which curls at the end, on which they lean while summoning up the demons by which they are possessed. A few seconds after combat starts, they turn into Dark Thralls unless killed quickly.

Dark ConjurerEdit

Conjurers are human mages, usually not attacking the hero (unless he comes really close), but holding the dark portal opened, therefore summoning Dark Hellions or Dark Berserkers every few seconds. Once all Conjurers are dead, the portal is closed. If approached, they can shoot fireballs for average Fire damage. It's wise to bypass the hulking Berserkers to kill the Cultists as quickly as possible. Some Conjurers are initially not channeling a portal, in that case, they attack at once.

Dark SummonerEdit

Summoners are the more powerful variant of Conjurers. They do not need a portal to summon reinforcements, instead being able to summon one Hellion at a time and enhance its damage by controlling it with a beam of dark energy.

Dark ZealotEdit

Zealots are the more powerful variant of regular Cultists, moving and attacking much faster.

Temporal PriestsEdit


Temporal Priest

Temporal Priests only spawn during The Darkening of Tristram event, and drop the Cultist Pages.

One Priest spawns (along with a few Temporal Initiates) in each of the Adventure Mode waypoint zones.

Temporal Priests look a like a gray version of the regular Cultists.

There can only be one Temporal Priest spawn per location, and he can drop duplicate pages; but on the upside, they are a guaranteed drop.

Uniques (Cultist / Zealot)Edit

Uniques (Conjurer / Summoner)Edit


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.

Dark Cultists: Summoner (left) and Zealot (right)

  • Culists of Zealot type have horns (visible from beneath their hoods), although it's unclear if those are parts of their bodies or elements of their headdresses.

Concept ArtEdit

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