The Dark Exile Scrolls are a series of writings that pertain to the Dark Exile, the Horadrim, and the creation of the Cube.


  • ..all agreed the Cube was necessary if the hunt for the three was to be successful. They thought they understood the dangers.
  • For weeks, the fires burned, the smiths hammered, and the mages chanted. Those who spent too long in the forge wandered, wide eyed and unblinking, in the daylight. They did not sleep.
  • When the physical material of the cube was forged, the real work began. Ten Horadrim took it deep into the cave, to a place that should never have been disturbed.
  • ...was done, and the scars would remain forever. And so it was time for the final step, the one each of them had secretly hoped would not come to pass.
  • ...of the cave, ten Horadrim channeled powers, arcane and mystic. Ten felt their sanity slipping away. And nine averted their eyes as the cube came alive.
  • In time, the cube became the center of Horadric works. Every initiative or action required it, and those who survived its creation became increasingly haunted by its presence.
  • Still, none could deny the transcendent power of the cube. With its might, the impossible seemed to be within their grasp...
  • But one of their number came to realize the growing danger. A simple errand led him away from the others, and he experienced a moment of clarity that would change the fates of all.
  • He called the nine together, and declared that the cube must be put away, hidden even from them. Perhaps from them most of all. Seven of the nine concurred, and so the cube was taken, under cover of darkness, entrusted...
  • Some of them still felt the dark lust the cube has awoken in their hearts. They felt the absence of the cube keenly for rest of their days. Some even plotted to find it.
  • Natala's sacrifice saved the Horadrim from themselves, but her name must be stricken from the texts.

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