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Darksight Helm is a unique Basinet. Allowing the use of the useful skill, Cloak of Shadows, Darksight Helm can be particularly helpful for a melee fighter by blinding ranged attackers.

Of all unique, set, and Rune Word helms, this is one of two that give a Cannot Be Frozen bonus. The other is Kira's Guardian, which can only be found on's Ladder. As Magic and Rare Items do not have this trait available, the only other possible way with which to acquire Cannot Be Frozen on a helm is to put a Cham into a socketed helm.



Darksight Helm

Defense: (77-282)
Required Level: 38
Required Strength: 82
Durability: 30
+ 2-198 Defense (+ 2 Per Character Level)
6% Chance To Cast Level 3 Dim Vision When Struck
Level 5 Cloak of Shadows (30 Charges)
Cannot Be Frozen
Fire Resist +20-40%
5% Mana Stolen Per Hit
-4 To Light Radius

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