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Death's Hand are set leather gloves in Diablo II. They are one of the three pieces of the Death's Disguise item set.

The gloves grant a very hefty amount of Poison Resistance to the user, including 75% Poison Length Reduction, which proves useful against Poison, inducing monsters such as Andariel or Radament.

When wearing 2 pieces of Death's Disguise, the gloves' real potential is shown with a 30% Increased Attack Speed bonus--among the best in the game for their low requirements.

As it is a Treasure Class 3 item, it may only be found in Normal Act I. Its high uqlvl make it a very rare drop.

Item StatsEdit

Death's Hand
Leather Gloves

Defense: 2-3 (varies)
Required Level: 6
Durability: 12
Poison Resist +50%
Poison Length Reduced by 75%

30% Increased Attack Speed (2 Items)

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