Death's Touch is a set war sword in Diablo II. It is one of the three pieces of the Death's Disguise item set.

Death's Touch is very unique in its own way; with another piece of the set worn, the sword can truly shine, granting 25-75 Cold Damage to the sword, making it the most powerful Cold Damage weapon out of the non-expansion sets. Although unremarkable on its own, the sword can hold its own throughout much of normal mode with the partial set bonus.

If socketed with a Hel Rune, the combination of low requirements and very high damage make this weapon one of the best in the early game.


Death's Touch
War Sword

One-Hand Damage: 10 to 25
Required Level: 6
Required Strength: 71
Required Dexterity: 45
Durability: 44
Sword Class - Fast Attack Speed
+25% Enhanced Damage
4% Life stolen per hit

25-75 Cold Damage, 3 second duration (Normal) (2 Items)

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