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Many deities are worshiped by the peoples of Sanctuary. The following is a list of known deities of various faiths and peoples:

List of DeitiesEdit


Askari PantheonEdit

  • Athulua (prime deity, rules over the seasons and weather)
  • Hefaetrus (lesser deity, god of fire and rebirth)
  • Karcheus (lesser deity, known as "the Watcher")
  • Kethryes (prime deity, consort of Athulua, co-rules with her)
  • Lycander (originator deity, actually an angel, lover of Philios)
  • Philios (originator deity, actually a nephalem, lover of Lycander)
  • Zerae (lesser deity, goddess of vengeance and storms, bride of Hefaetrus)

Ancients' PantheonEdit

These trio of spirits are nephalem and the patron gods of the Barbarians.

Shaptev PantheonEdit

  • Auriel, Goddess of Hope
  • Diablo, God of Terror and Chaos
  • God of the Forest (name unknown)
  • Inna, Goddess of the Sky
  • Imperius, God of Valor
  • Itherael, God of Fate
  • Malthael, God of Wisdom/God of Death
  • Tyrael, God of Justice
  • Ymil, God of the Rivers
  • Ytar, God of the Sun
  • Zaim, God of the Mountains

Xiansai PantheonEdit

  • Dirgest (former god of desire)
  • Liria (former goddess of the second moon)
  • Tong-Shi (the father god of the pantheon)
  • Zei (the trickster god)



This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • It has been joked that "loot gods" exist in the setting.[1]


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