Demon's Arch is a unique Balrog Spear from Diablo II.

Demon's Arch is a powerful weapon, both thrown and otherwise. Its strength lies in its enormous added Fire and Lightning Damage, giving an attack almost like a Spectral Hit. Since most enemies aren't immune to both, even in Hell difficulty, Demon's Arch is very often an effective weapon.



Demon's Arch
Balrog Spear

Throw Damage: (104-124) To (161-192)
One-Hand Damage: (85-102) To (163-195)
Required Level: 68
Required Strength: 127
Required Dexterity: 95
Javelin Class – Normal Attack Speed
Max Stack (80)
+160-210% Enhanced Damage
Adds 232-323 Fire Damage
Adds 23-333 Lightning Damage
+30% Increased Attack Speed
6-12% Life Stolen Per Hit
Replenishes Quantity [1 in 3 sec.]

(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)

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