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The Demon Plate has higher Armor Class against Demons, making it more useful against virtually all the monsters you see in the Hell levels leading up to Diablo.

Due to a bug in the item generation mechanism, this is the only Unique Full Plate Mail which can be found in Multiplayer Hellfire.

It is notable that its extra-armor attribute gives it only 5 more to its base Armor Class.

Demon Plate bears similar resemblance in aspect of design style to the Unique Helm, Overlord's Helm.



Demon Plate
Full Plate Mail

  • Armor Class: 80
  • Extra 120 Armor Class vs Demons
  • Requirements: 90 Strength
  • Durability: 90
  • Quality level: 25
  • Availability: Single Player and Multiplayer, Hellfire only

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