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Disused Reliquary
Quest(s) None
Levels 1
Monster(s) Spider Magus, Serpent Magus, Wailing Beast, Flesh Hunter, Bone Scarab
Adjacent Zone(s) Kurast Causeway
Area Level Normal 24
Area Level Nightmare 54
Area Level Hell 85
Waypoint No

The Disused Reliquary is one of two dungeons found on the Kurast Causeway (the other being the Ruined Fane). It is found by clicking the altar in the building on the northwestern "extension" on the causeway itself. According to the quest log, it is one of six temples in which Lam Esen's Tome (item) can be found - however, in reality the tome can always be found within the Ruined Temple.

It is one of the area level 85 zones on Hell, and has better drops for this reason. However, it can be quite difficult to fight the particular enemies in there, and the place is very small - hence, it is not often used for Magic Finding.
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