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A Dreamer is a being from a realm above even Heaven and Hell.

Galeona and the demon Xazax summon a Dreamer in Legacy of Blood. The spell requires the sacrifice of a soul, for which they chose Captain Tolos, one of General Malevolyn's soldiers. Wards must also be set in place so as to protect the casters from being overwhelmed by the forces of the spell. Galeona prepared the spell, while Xazax channeled it, uttering incantations in a tongue unpronounceable by humans.

The Dreamer itself is a small, green, toad-like, deformed creature - much more deformed than any demon. It seems as if it sleeps for eternity, yet it can never get enough rest. It is very powerful, with neither Heavenly nor Hellish magic having any affect on it, other than drawing it away from its world and its slumber. It laughs at the simple task that Galeona and Xazax require of it. It is possible that they could have put it to better use, but for reasons unknown chose to use it for finding Norrec Vizharan, who has the full body armour of the Warlord of Blood.


(Note: Some parts of the excerpt have been deleted for simplicity.)

The oil lamp flickered, at last dousing, but another light, a dank, poison green aura, emerged from the blood-soaked chest of the dead soldier.

A thing the color of mould and flesh almost like a toad formed above the body of Captain Tolos. It struggled, twisted, tried to cry out with a mouth not completely formed.

Let . . . me . . . resssst! it demanded.

Deformed beyond even the manner of demons, the grotesque creature sought to swipe first at Galeona, then Xazax. However, the wards that she had set into place caused a blue spark whenever the monstrosity reached out, a spark which clearly hurt the thing very much. In frustration, it finally pulled within itself, wrapping spindly, taloned limbs about it as if trying to fold itself up enough to utterly disappear.

"You are ours to command," she told the imprisoned creature.

I . . . must . . . rest!

"You cannot rest until you complete the task we’ve set for you!"

Nightmarish eyes that dangled loose yet also seemed in some ways human peered at her in open malevolence. Very well . . . for a time, anyway. What would . . . you have . . . of me?

"No magic binds your eyes, no barriers block your vision. See for us what we seek and tell us where it is."

The horror above Tolos’s cooling body quivered, rumbled. Both Xazax and Galeona bent back at first—until both realized that the thing only laughed at their demand. That . . . is all? For this . . . I am tortured . . . forced to wake and even . . . forced to remember?

"Never mind him! We have to get the Dreamer back—"

Here the mantis vehemently twisted his head back and forth, the closest he could come to shaking it. "This one will not defy a Dreamer in his own domain. Their realm is beyond even that of Hell or Heaven. Here we may command them, but, break the link, and they may take what is theirs." The demon leaned forward. "Do you think your general might part with another soul?"

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