The Druid is one of the potential hybrid character classes in Diablo II, essentially being a combination of the Barbarian, Sorceress and Necromancer classes. Physical attacks, ranged elemental attacks and summons can be employed all at once with these natural magicians.

Common Druid buildsEdit

Windy Druid
Uses Hurricane to inflict elemental damage
Fire Druid
Uses Armageddon and other fire elemental skills
Natural Summoner
Focuses on summons to do the dirty work and assist others
Uses his strength to fight with his summons
Hybrid Werewolf
A shapeshifter that utilizes more than one attack skill
Rabies Werewolf
Inflicts massive poison damage with the Rabies skill
Fireclaws Werewolf
Uses Fire Claws for physical and fire damage
Maul Bear
Werebear which his main attack is Maul
Fireclaws Werebear
Like the werewolf version above, but in werebear form
Town Dump Werebear
A hybrid Summoner werebear using Maul as the main attack
Fury Werewolf
Fights with Fury, nearly becoming a werewolf Zealot
Flamethrower with a Tank
Fights with Firestorm and Summon Grizzly

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