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Dyes are a new customization option featured in Diablo III. These can change the color of armor or even make it invisible, and come in 15 different colors. They were first mentioned by Jay Wilson during an interview following Gamescom 2010.[1] New dyes are unlocked by reaching new difficulties. Dyes must be purchased if one wants to dye their equipment; no monsters, standard or Act Boss, can drop them. There are also restrictions on what dyes can be used on:

  • Due to bracers, belts, and jewelry not making an appearance on the hero, they are impossible to dye, no matter the item rarity. Oddly, weaponry and shields possess immunity to being dyed as well, despite gems having affected their color in Diablo II
  • Only Vanishing Dyes and All-Soap's Miraculous Dye Remover will work with Legendary/Set equipment, with the above restriction also applying. As of the Public Testing Realm/beta for Reaper of Souls, however, this restriction will be lifted, allowing for more variety in hero appearances.


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