The Eater of Souls is a unique sword found in the Diablo: Hellfire expansion, and is found randomly. This blade gives +50 to Life, and is the only Unique sword to boast both Mana and Life Steal. However, when equipped, the player constantly loses Life, making this sword only useful for Barbarians, with their greater Vitality and sweeping attack bonus for going without a shield. Even then, they should move fast; if too slow to heal their injuries, the life drain will prove fatal in the labyrinth



Eater of Souls
Two-Handed Sword

  • Damage: 8-16
  • Hit Steals 5% Life and 5% Mana
  • Constantly lose Life
  • Requirements: 65 Strength
  • Durability: Indestructible
  • Quality Level: 23
  • Availability: Single-Player

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