For the Diablo II spell, see Enchant.

An item with a re-rolled stat in Diablo III. In this image, the "+11% Chance to Block" is the re-rolled stat.

Enchanting is a Diablo III feature introduced in Reaper of Souls. Carried out by the Mystic, it allows players to re-roll one of the properties of a rare, set, or legendary class item for another, possibly better random property. Players are required to pay a gold and material cost to complete the Enchanting process.[1] Enchanting rares takes normal crafting materials like Veiled Crystal, and Death's Breath, but legendaries/set items will require a Fiery Brimstone or Forgotten Soul. Enchanting Legendary jewelry costs no Gold, but takes Gems instead (Imperial quality on level 70).

When enchanting, the player must first choose one property. Enchanting gives the option to choose one of two new stats, or keep the current stat. These new stats are not guaranteed to be better than the current stat, nor are they guaranteed to be different. Even if the player chooses to keep the current stat, the cost of enchanting is deducted from the player's inventory. The chances to roll each stat are not evenly distributed; some affixes are more rare than others.[2]

The process may be repeated ad infinitum, as long as player has the required materials. However, for all but Legendary/Set jewelry items, the gold cost of each enchanting on the same item increases multiplicatively, stacking infinitely. The materials required remain the same. For Legendary/Set jewelry, the costs are the exact same (even the one gem needed), as a compensation for that jewelry generally has more options to roll.

Only one property can be chosen to re-roll, and it cannot be the orange one (special legendary property). Once that property is selected, no other can be re-rolled, even if the original property is restored. Primary properties can be replaced with primary only, and secondary with secondary only.[3]

Once a player Enchants an item, it will (if it isn't already) become bound to their account and can no longer be traded to other players.[4] Another restriction is that items earned prior to the 2.0 patch may not be enchanted.[5]

Training Ranks
Rank Gold Total Slot
1 0 0 None
2 1k 1k Weapon
3 5k 6k Shield
4 10k 16k Feet
5 10k 26k Shoulders
6 10k 36k Bracers
7 10k 46k Hands
8 20k 66k Belt
9 30k 96k Neck
10 40k 136k Chest
11 40k 176k Ring
12 50k 226k Pants & Head


Originally, the Mystic allowed players to reset stats of Enchanting in the event of disatisfaction.[4] However, after a single property had been changed via Enchanting, all other properties became "locked in" and could not be re-rolled.[4] As of patch 2.0.5, Enchanting can no longer roll both optional properties identical to the original one (for example, if one re-rolls Vitality, one of the two new options could be Vitality, but not both). In addition, affixes allowed for a Legendary/Set item that normally do not roll for that slot are pulled back into the pool of possible affixes should they be the affix selected for rerolling. For example, re-rolling the elemental bonus on a Stone of Jordan will allow elemental bonuses to be rolled.


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