Eschuta's Temper is a unique Eldritch Orb, an item exclusive to the Sorceress.

With a more consistent boost to Sorceress skills and a high magic find, The Oculus may seem like a safer choice for a unique sorceress weapon. However, Sorceresses that specialize in Fire Spells or Lightning Spells may find Eschuta's Temper more useful.

While it might appear that Eschuta's Temper will provide a great boost to someone's overall fire or lightning damage, this amount only stacks with the value provided by Fire Mastery and Lightning Mastery. For example, Eschuta's Temper only adds up to 20% Lightning Damage on top of the 338% that is received from Lightning Mastery at level 25, which is only a 6% increase in damage.

Because the bonus damage stacks with the masteries, Eschuta's Temper only adds anywhere from 1-12% of extra damage - not the 20% that is stated on the item - the Heart of the Oak may be superior with its extra resists and mana instead.

The sister orb, Death's Fathom, does not suffer from the above problems because Cold Mastery works differently, thus making it a much better option over Heart of the Oak for Cold Damage Sorceresses.

Since Vex Runes are not very rare with recent patches to the game, there is very little reason to use Eschuta's Temper at all.


Sacred globe

Eschuta's Temper
Eldritch Orb

One-Hand Damage: 18 To 50
Required Level: 72
Durability: 30
Staff Class - Fast Attack Speed
(Sorceress Only)
+1-3 To Sorceress Skill Levels
+40% Faster Cast Rate
+10-20% To Fire Skill Damage
+10-20% To Lightning Skill Damage
+20-30 To Energy

(Requires Patch 1.10 or later to spawn)


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • This item is named after Carlos Guerrero, one of the QA Team Leads, also known as "Eschuta".
Exceptional Orbs — The Oculus (Swirling Crystal)
Elite Orbs — Eschuta's Temper (Eldritch Orb) • Death's Fathom (Dimensional Shard)

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