Explosionmancer, or Explomancer, is a Classic Diablo II Necromancer build which focuses on the skill Corpse Explosion. Corpse explosion is an extremely powerful spell at high levels and can easily kill monsters.

This build is generally only effective on multiplayer games, since it relies on other players to make the first kill.

Skills Edit

Amplify DamageEdit

Corpse Explosion is 50% fire and 50% physical damage. Amplify Damage increases physical damage +100%, so it increases the total Corpse Explosion damage 50%. You need more than one point here. The reason for maxing this is that the radius increases, allowing you to cast it on all enemies (even those off-screen), so you can spam corpse explosion on enemies you can't even see.

Corpse Explosion Edit

After another player has killed an enemy, cast Corpse Explosion on its corpse. This will cause area of effect damage around the corpse, dealing 70-120% of the corpse life in damage. How many points you put here is up to you, but it is best to max it

Safety SkillsEdit

The spare skill points go into two safety skills. Fire Golem makes the best tank, because it has the most life in hell mode and can absorb fire. Bone Armor is another safety skill.

Chaos Sanctuary and Corpse ExplosionEdit

Monster Name Group Life Damage Type Physical Resist Fire Resist
Venom Lords A 1,500 Fire, Physical 50% 130%
Infector of Souls A All Elements, Fire, Physical 50% 150%
Oblivion Knights B 9,300 All Elements 33% 60%
Doom Knights B 8,700 All Elements, Physical 33% 110%
Lord De Seis B All Elements 33% 60%
Storm Casters C 6,800 Fire, Physical 50% 0%
Grand Vizier of Chaos C Fire, Physical 50% 75%

Since Storm Casters have the lowest combined Fire/Physical Resistances, use Corpse Explosion to kill them.

Skill Points Edit

Summoning SpellsEdit

Poison and Bone SpellsEdit


Attribute Points Edit

Attribute Points Strength Dexterity Vitality Energy Life Mana Stamina Character Level
Initial 15 25 15 25 45 25 177 1
Final 38 25 352 170 1458 615 722 99

  • added in Golden Bird Quest 3 x (+20 Life)
  • added in Lam Esen's Tome Quest 3 x (+5 Attribute Points)
  • 34 strength is to wear a 3-socketed Large Shield which can be bought from Charsi in Act 1 Normal Mode
  • 38 strength is to wear the minimum strength exceptional armor (Ghost Armor)

Mercenary Edit

Because this build needs corpses, it's best to avoid cold-based Mercenaries which can shatter monsters' bodies and leave no corpses. A Defiance or Might aura Act II Desert Mercenary can serve as a tank and corpses-maker for an Explosionmancer.

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