Master Fahin was an incredibly wealthy and influential merchant of Kehjan. Fahin encountered Uldyssian and his Edyrem followers whilst leaving Kehjan for a short trip. Fahin agreed to bring Uldyssian into contact with the Mage Clans.

Fahin was described as being a kind man. He was a heavy-set figure with dark hair and skin. Despite his extravagant clothing he was not oblivious to the needs of others. After his wife died, Fahin took the young Aztuhl into his house and acknowledged him as his son. Apparently Fahin also once owned a pony named Sherah.

Fahin was killed during the ambush by Zorun Tzin and his lackeys. His death led to great upheaval in the Merchants Guild, who then pressed the Council of Clans to interrogate Zorun Tzin.

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