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This is a semi-rare rune which can be inserted into Socketed Items. Requires level 41 to use. In Single Player, Open, and Ladder, transmuting three Fal Runes and a Flawed Ruby in the Horadric Cube yields a Lem Rune


  • Weapons: +10 To Strength
  • Armor: +10 To Strength
  • Helms: +10 To Strength
  • Shield: +10 To Strength

Rune WordsEdit

The Fal rune is used in the following Rune Words:

Sources Edit

  • Fal rune may be received as a reward for completion of the Hellforge quest in Nightmare and Hell difficulty; Fal is at or near the high end of runes that may be received in Nightmare, and near the low end of runes received in Hell difficulty.
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