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Fallen Lunatics are a new type of Fallen appearing in Diablo III. They look like bloated Fallen with a yellow abdomen, and were possibly inspired by Diablo II Suicide Minions.


Lunatics are suicidal attackers, running towards the player and then stabbing themselves with the knife in their hand until they explode. The aftermath of the explosion results with a spine and ribcage covered in blue ichor laying around. The explosion is not instant, and will only damage enemies. However, once their explosion animation starts, one can still outrun them: the Lunatics will continue chasing the player, but will explode moments afterwards.

Lunatics only award experience if killed before they can explode. Note that their movement speed is faster than average, so movement speed bonus gear is advised.


"The fallen lunatics are the most unstable of their kind, causing them to overproduce highly combustible fluids in their abdomens. I believe this imbalance must be inevitably fatal, leading the lunatics to puncture their stomachs and release their explosive bile in a terrible display when enemies come too near."
"These enraged, oversized fallen creatures are bloated seemingly to the point of bursting, an impression buttressed by the fact that these insane demons rush their intended victims and then stab themselves until they explode. A more fitting name could not be found for these maniacal beings."


Ember the Rift Guardian summons Molten Lunatics to his side in battle.

As of patch 2.2.0, Nagelring summons Fallen Lunatics to aid the character in battle.

In early versions of the game (and some time after release) one could encounter Champion Lunatics.


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