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Far Oasis
Act II
Quest(s) None
Monster(s) Sand Maggot, Death Beetle, Itchies, Black Raptor, Undead Scavenger
Adjacent Zone(s) Dry Hills, Lost City
Area Level Normal 16
Area Level Nightmare 45
Area Level Hell 76
Waypoint Yes
Entering Far Oasis

Entering Far Oasis

The Far Oasis is the open desert area between the Dry Hills and the Lost City. Somewhere within it is the entrance into the Maggot Lair. The area is usually divided into a higher and lower part, connected by a single staircase.

Far Oasis overkill

Far Oasis

This is usually the first area where players encounter the many 'bug-like' monsters, including Scarab Demons, Giant Lamprey and Swarms. The Super Unique monsters Beetleburst spawns somewhere in this area.

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