Fervor Fervor
While wielding a one-handed weapon, the Crusader gains +15% Attack Speed, and all cooldowns are reduced by 15%.

"As the wicked fall at your feet, you shall know the power of the crusade." — Sir Gyrfalcon the Swift

Fervor is a passive Crusader skill, unlocked at level 10.

It offers players willing to use a one-handed weapon a compensation for the damage loss for foregoing the use of Heavenly Strength.


Tome This page contains obsolete content
This article contains information that is no longer relevant to gameplay, but is kept here for informational purposes.

Originally, Fervor was to provide a bonus to the Crusader's attack speed after he/she killed a monster (or at least assisted in doing so), for 3 seconds. However, it was reworked later to provide a passive bonus for using one-handed weaponry.

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