For the Diablo III skill, see Fetish Army.

The Fetish are native inhabitants of the jungle of Kurast. Shamanistic creatures which attack with weapons the size of their own bodies, or at range with Blow Darts. They are known to eat humans and of being cannibals. Small, ferocious, and intelligent, these beings are in league with the forces of Hell.


Attacking with enormous, vicious knives or at range with deadly blow darts, the Fetish are native inhabitants to the jungles that surround Kurast. Known cannibals, they are small, intelligent beings in league with the forces of Hell. Individually, Fetishes are weak and easy to kill. However, they are much more formidable when attacking en masse. When accompanied by a Shaman, they are doubly dangerous, as their Shaman possess the ability to revive their fallen kin.

When they go deeper towards Hell, their undead side appears and they turn into doll like creatures.

Diablo IIEdit

These pesky creatures are among the most irritating of all Diablo II creatures. Fetish can be considered the Fallen of Act III, being weak in individual or small numbers but pose some degree of danger when in numbers. Like the Fallen, Fetish are easily dispatched mostly with one or two blows. However, they provide an unbelievably great nuisance as they are extremely fast on foot and attack in large numbers. Due to this reason, cold magic or area-of-effect magic are advised against them.

In Act I, players can encounter only the melee variation of the Fetish known as the Rat Man, the lowest variant of the Fetish, in the lower levels of the Catacombs of the Rogue Monastery. Other variations are encountered in Act III and known as Flayer, Soul Killer and Stygian Doll.


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