Finger Mages were created during the Mage Wars. Sorcerers used these creatures to defeat rival sorcerers, reasoning that an enemy spellcaster weakened by taking away all of his mana. When the Mage Wars were over, Finger Mages were abandoned and left to die. Many of these creatures are found in Hell because they seek great sources of energy there. These undead monstrosities have the ability to fire homing "missiles" that drain the mana of its target. In addition, they possess the ability to stun whatever they attack.

Mostly they appear in Act IV in the City of the Damned, the River of Flame and the Chaos Sanctuary.

Finger Mages have three variants:

  • Doom Caster
  • Strangler
  • Storm Caster

On Hell difficulty, all variants of the Finger Mage are immune to Lightning.

Grand Vizier of Chaos is a super unique Finger Mage and also one of Diablo's three elite guards.

Finger Mage

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