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Class: Witch Doctor
Required Level: 5
Skill Category: Secondary
Cost: 125 Mana per tick

Call forth a swarm of fiery bats to burn enemies in front of you for 475% damage as Fire.

Damage Type: Fire
Other Stats: Channeled

Firebats is a Fire spell used by Witch Doctors in Diablo III.


Channels a swarm of fiery bats, hitting all enemies in a 20 yard, 45 degree cone in front of the Witch Doctor for Fire damage per tick. This counts as a torrent, bypassing most obstacles and walls.


  • Dire Bats: Instead of the swarm, summon larger bats that deal 500% damage as Fire each. Distance is increased to 40 yards, and the bats pierce through enemies and obstacles.
  • Vampire Bats: Damage type changes to Physical. Removes the channeling cost, but the initial Mana cost increases to 250.
  • Plague Bats: Changes damage type to Poison. As the spell is channeled, the damage grows by +25% per tick, up to 720% (that is, +50%).
  • Hungry Bats: instead of the swarm, launches homing bats (3 per tick) that seek enemies within 20 yards and hit them for 750% damage as Fire each.
  • Cloud of Bats: Instead of the cone, creates a swirl of bats that damages enemies within 12 yards of the Witch Doctor for 425% damage as Fire per tick. The damage of the bats increases by +20% every second, up to a maximum of +100% (850% damage as Fire per tick), but is reset if the channeling is interrupted.

Non-rune enhancements:Edit


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