Firelizard's Talons are unique Feral Claws from Diablo II.

Like its name implies, Firelizard's Talons have a strong affinity for Fire. It adds an enormous amount of Fire Damage, and gives boosts to an Assassin's Fire Skills as well. As a result, it is not as effective against enemies immune to fire, like many are in Hell difficulty.

Although Fire may be something not encountered often in certain areas, the Fire Resistance the Talons offer is decent for an Assassin trying to combat the resistance penalties Hell difficulty imposes.



Firelizard's Talons
Feral Claws

Damage: (66-81) To (159-196)
Required Level: 67
Required Strength: 113
Required Dexterity: 113
Durability: 52
Katar Class - Very Fast Attack Speed
(Assassin Only)
+200-270% Enhanced Damage
Adds 236-480 Fire Damage
+15% Increased Attack Speed
+1-3 To Martial Arts (Assassin Only)
+1-2 To Wake of Inferno (Assassin Only)
+1-2 To Wake of Fire (Assassin Only)
Fire Resist +40-70%

(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)

Exceptional Katars — Bartuc's Cut-Throat (Greater Talons)
Elite Katars — Jade Talon (Wrist Sword) • Shadow Killer (Battle Cestus) • Firelizard's Talons (Feral Claws)

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