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Fjord Cutter is a legendary mighty weapon for the Barbarian in Diablo III. It requires character level 8 to drop.

The 'chilling aura' mentioned in the unique affix lasts 5 seconds, has no cooldown and affects all enemies within 10 yards of the Barbarian, Chilling them (60% slow) and dealing 20% damage per second as Cold, with a very small chance to Freeze the enemy for 1 second. The weapon itself, however, has an unusually high chance to Freeze on hit.

Stats (Level 8)Edit

Fjord Cutter

Fjord Cutter
Legendary Mighty Weapon


  • 40.3–41.6 Damage Per Second
    • (23–24)–(39–40) Damage
    • 1.30 Attacks per Second
  • +27–35 Strength
  • 7.5–10.0% Chance to Freeze on Hit
  • 100% chance to be surrounded by a Chilling Aura when attacking
  • +(6–7)–(8–9) Cold Damage
  • +2 Random Magic Properties

It takes a sturdy weapon to survive on the shores of the Frozen Sea.

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