Flamethrower with a Tank is a Druid build. The Druid acts as the Flamethrower, using Firestorm as the main killing spell. His companion is the Grizzly, which acts as the Tank, taking damage for the Flamethrower.

Skill AllocationEdit

  • 20 into Firestorm.
  • 20 into Summon Grizzly.
  • 20 into Fissure.
  • 20 into either Volcano, Molten Boulder or Summon Dire Wolf.
    • Maxing out Molten Boulder will help with the damage of Firestorm because of the synergy. This way, Firestorm as a skill will be much more powerful.
    • Maxing out Summon Dire Wolf will make the Summon Grizzly live longer when dealing with Bosses.
  • Rest into either Volcano, Molten Boulder or Summon Dire Wolf.

For the Flamthrower with a Tank, Armageddon is not used, mainly because of the Skill Points required in the Wind Section of the Druid skill tree. Points spent on the Wind Section are not needed at all.

Stats AllocationEdit

  • Enough Strength to wear good Armor. Weapons that the Flamethrower holds are for added resistances, faster cast, etc. Added elemental damage, enhanced damage, and the like are not useful at all, because the Grizzly will do the job of melee.
  • Enough Energy for the use of spells. Whenever the Flamethrower needs some Mana, he always drinks some Mana Potions. Keep a few in your inventory and it will prove invaluable.
  • All into Vitality. The Flamethrower will have to get into the battle often because of the range of some of his spells, therefore Vitality is vital.
  • None into Dexterity. As said earlier, the Flamethrower does the burning, and the Summon Grizzly does the hitting. A Flamethrower should never place stat points into Dexterity.


The Hireling of choice is the Iron Wolf with Cold Spells. Cold Spells here will help the Flamethrower cope with the immunity of monsters from Nightmare and Hell. Cold spells also slow down the monsters so that the Grizzly can kill them while the flamethrower burns them. The Flamethrower will also go well with the Desert Mercenary, those with Holy Freeze or Prayer aura to further enhance the Flamethrower and Tank.


The Flamethrower will use the Summon Grizzly to absorb damage. From behind, the Flamethrower will cast a combination of Fissure, Molten Boulder and Volcano to kill big groups of monsters. For hard to kill monsters such as Baal and Diablo, the Flamethrower usually casts Fissure and Volcano while the Summon Grizzly distracts them. With the Tank as a distraction, the Flamethrower will creep behind the Super Unique Monster and burn it with Firestorm.

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