"I have always wondered how much Adria relied on Diablo's power instead of her own. Based on her blood golems, her magic is very strong. These flesh gorgers are raised from earth, stone, and demon blood, and they are driven to feast on humans so they may resemble us more closely. Let's hope they don't succeed."

Lorath Nahr(src)
Flesh gorger

A Flesh Gorger

Flesh Gorgers are a melee variant of Flesh Golems.


Flesh Gorgers possess average Life. They are fast and have strong close combat attacks. Unless killed with a Critical Hit, they leave a pool of blood after death with the red glowing Diablo's hexagram that lasts 10 seconds. Within this time, a Flesh Shaman may raise that Gorger again with full Life. Elite Gorgers may not be raised again.


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