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HI, I've started with playing Diablo 1 again. Now I have defeated Diablo for the first time. But after the final video, I can't start a new game in Nightmare or Hell difficulty. Whe I go down the dungeons, the Enemies are just like in normal difficulty. Shouldn't it be like that when I defeat Diablo in Normal difficulty that I can choose which difficulty I can start the next game? thx for your help! Dirk

This should be mentioned in the main game page :) but Diablo I single player can only be played in normal. After some searching (google's great, ain't it???) there happens to be an exploit that you can use. Check this out but there's a disclaimer, so read that :D Cheers. Mobokill 03:54, 11 December 2008 (UTC)

Different difficulty

For the orignal diablo you weren't able to change difficulty after killing diablo, but if you had the exp HellFire made by Sierra not Blizzard. I think. I'll have to play again to find out myself its been along time. Ignar


as dumb as it is you cannot change the difficulty level however if you play on bnet and update your router to proper settings (blizzard says its technical i say there gonna shut it down for d3) you can play with friends and change difficulty according to lvl unfortunately you cannot just kill diablo and move on you must meet lvl requirements.

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