Franklin Burroughs is a famed guide and hunter, who excels in trapping and killing the exotic and sometimes troublesome creatures and monsters found in Sanctuary.


Franklin Burroughs is a famous hunter and guide in the world of Sanctuary. He has met the author of Diablo III's lore entries, Abd al-Hazir, and is quite acquainted with him.

Abd al-Hazir knows him from the time of his writing his classic book, the Xiansai Chronicles. Although what the exact contents of the book are, is unknown at the moment, from this reference, it can be said that Franklin Burroughs has been to Xiansai at least once in his lifetime. He may possibly be a native of Xiansai given his connections with the book and its author.

Even though Franklin is a hunter of great renown, he hesitates to help al-Hazir track down a rogue Dune Thresher that had been terrorizing the outskirts of Caldeum. This may not exactly because of fear, as he proceeds to show that he knows much more about the Dune Thresher to be afraid of it. He can spot the tiniest of details, which may escape the untrained eye. In order to catch the errant burrower, he brings along creatures that create an irritating screeching that can rile up the burrowed Dune Threshers from their hiding place within the hot sands. These were revealed to be Scavengers, another type of monster in Diablo III.

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