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The Freeze effect freezes the target through the use of cold damage for a short period of time, preventing it from attacking or moving. Act Bosses, Super Unique monsters, Champion monsters, and other players cannot be frozen. They will, instead, be Slowed. Skills with Freezing effect are Glacial Spike, Ice Blast, Frozen Armor, Ice Arrow, Freezing Arrow, Phoenix Strike and Blades of Ice. Freeze usually has a shorter length than cold. Frozen monsters will leave no corpse, and sometimes this happens with monsters affected by cold as well. Freezing enemies is not recommended for Necromancers and for most builds connected to corpses, use normal slow or cold damage instead. Of course, Freezing is very useful in most situations when you have to get rid of corpses, such as to prevent them from being raised by other monsters.


Chance of freeze is ( 50 + (AL + (B*4) - DL) * 5 )%

AL = attacker level DL = defender level B = item bonus (usually is 1)

If you use freezing in ranged attack, then AL is decreasing by 6 and chance divides by 3.

Duration = (chance - roll) * 2 + 25 frames Durability ranges from 25 frames (1 second) to maximum of 250 frames (10 seconds)

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