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Frenzy Barbarian is one of the main and best known builds for the Barbarian class in Diablo II. These warriors utilize two weapons at once and swing them with much power. Specializing in Frenzy means dual-wielding weapons, attacking and moving really quickly, and doing heavy damage to every enemy within arm's reach.

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit


  • Works like the Paladin's Zeal in how it attacks multiple enemies.
  • Potentially a lot of damage dealt.
  • Movement, damage and attack speed increase with every swing.
  • Single target combat is alot better compared to a Whirlwind Barb.


  • Duelling isn't very easy.
  • Can not hit as many nearby enemies as, say, the Whirlwind Barb, so you risk getting hit more or surrounded.
  • Such a fast movement speed is hard to control.
  • No natural counter for Physical Immunes. A point in Berserk however will counter this problem quite effectively.

Stat Point DistributionEdit

Strength: Enough to wear endgame gear. Calculate this amount ahead of time.

Dexterity: Enough to equip gear.

Vitality: Pretty much everything else.

Energy: Don't bother with stat points here.

Skill Point DistributionEdit

Primary SkillsEdit

Considerations for a twenty point allocation of skill points

Frenzy (20): Main skill

Double Swing (20): Synergy to Frenzy, if you ran out of mana for Frenzy, you can use this to regain mana when your skill level is high enough in it.

Weapon Mastery (20): Boosts attack rating and damage. Allows for a chance for critical strike.

Secondary skillsEdit

Battle Orders (10+): Increases life, mana and stamina for anyone friendly to the barbarian. There is an unwritten rule that twenty points must be allocated in this skill solely for the benefit of others. The player should feel free to break this rule, as only a 3% increase per level and some increased duration is all a barbarian will get.

Berserk (1+): Although this is a synergy skill for Frenzy, many put one point if at all. Handy versus physical immune and damage return skills such as Thorns or Iron Maiden as damage is entirely magic. Although 20% magic damage might be useful, the build is quite a tight one skill-wise.

Taunt: (10+) Synergy to Frenzy. Will cause affected monsters to enter into melee. The only exceptions being Possessed monsters and Oblivion Knights

Shout (1+): Increases defense rating of friendly party members. It is suggested to put twenty points in this solely for the benefit of others. The player should feel free to break this rule, as a successful character will have to depend on more than boosted defense to be successful.

Battle Cry (1): Drops an opponent's base defense rating by 50%. Useful in situations where a monster seems difficult to hit. Can be removed with some other curse or a magic well.

Increased Stamina (1): Usually one point is allocated to gain access to Increased Speed.

Increased Speed (1+): This is entirely optional, but whole-heartedly useful.

Natural Resistance (1+): More resistance, less damage. Has diminishing returns, so 1-3 points should be adequate.

Iron Skin (1+): See Shout.

Battle Command (1): Raises the party's skill levels by one.


Primary WeaponEdit

Secondary WeaponEdit

Pick another one of the above. It is not recommended use two of the same weapon, as the properties, particularly the auras on many of these weapons, would be redundant.


  • Fortitude: 300% Enhanced Damage
  • Chains of Honor: +2 to all skills and varying damage bonuses.
  • Enigma: +2 to all skills, Teleport and level-dependent magic find.


  • Arreat's Face: the helmet of choice due to its faster hit recovery, resistance and skill bonuses.
  • Guillaume's Face: The boost to crushing blow and deadly strike makes this helmet an alternative.



  • Gore Rider: Crushing blow, open wounds and deadly strike modifiers. Goblin Toe's big brother.
  • Marrowwalk: These boots have Life Tap charges. Useful if the character is missing Dracul's Grasp or Last Wish.





The 'Fine Small Charms of Vitality' yield +20 attack rating, +20 life and +3 to maximum damage. Other great charms are Hellfire Torch, Annihilus, +1 to Warcries Grand Charms or +1 to Masteries. Additional charms with +life will also do. Combat Charms, although attractive looking, add only 7% Attack Rating and 3% extra damage, so one could trade those to a build that would benefit more from them. Resistance charms can also be a consideration.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Watch for Physical Immunes.
  • Stack your Crushing Blow, Critical Strike and Open Wound mods.
  • Life steal will make Frenzy Barbs more resilient. Dracul’s Grasp and Last Wish are popular for their Life Tap proc.
  • If you can get more attack rating without sacrificing other more essential stats, never shy from doing so.

Player vs. PlayerEdit

Dueling is difficult as a Frenzy Barb because you have to get close to your enemy and physically attack them first, one swing at a time. The only way that is notably simple to duel as a frenzy barb is to frenzy on monsters in the wilderness ahead of time to build up damage and attack speed.

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