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For the Diablo III versions, see Frostburn Gauntlets.

Frostburn is a unique pair of Gauntlets. Along with Magefist, Frostburn is a pair of gloves directed towards spellcaster use. While Magefist gives a large boost to mana regeneration, Frostburn gives a very large boost to mana itself (which stacks with other items that give a percentage-based increase of mana). While Frostburn gives no boost to skills and Magefist gives a bonus to Fire Skills, choosing between the two is a matter of taste.



Defense: 47-49
Required Level: 29
Required Strength: 60

Durability: 24

+10-20% Enhanced Defense
+30 Defense
+5% Enhanced Damage
Increase Maximum Mana 40%

Adds 1-6 Cold Damage, Cold Duration: 2 Seconds
Unique Gloves
Normal Gloves — The Hand of Broc (Leather Gloves) • Bloodfist (Heavy Gloves) • Chance Guards (Chain Gloves) • Magefist (Light Gauntlets) • Frostburn (Gauntlets)
Exceptional Gloves — Venom Grip (Demonhide Gloves) • Gravepalm (Sharkskin Gloves) • Ghoulhide (Heavy Bracers) • Lava Gout (Battle Gauntlets) • Hellmouth (War Gauntlets)
Elite Gloves — Dracul's Grasp (Vampirebone Gloves) • Soul Drainer (Vambraces) • Steelrend (Ogre Gauntlets)
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